Juvenile Delinquency

The recent spate of riots and looting in England were violent and shocking but how best to use the saturation of media coverage to frame intelligent and informed debate and reflection in the staffroom and playground? I don't have the answers but I have some suggestions for interesting places to start, including an archive clip about teenage delinquency in Dundee from WWII.

Prime Ministers past and and present are in disagreement over whether the riots are evidence of a sick society and a moral decline.

The historian David Starkey is confident with his analysis that 'the whites have become blacks.'

Elsewhere, First Minister Alex Salmond was eager to protect Scottish tourism, Lego were quick to jump the riot bandwagon with a new range of models and even Hulk Hogan was keen to help out any way he could. Brother.

Looking at it another way, after the the bankers bonuses, MP expenses and phone hacking, perhaps the moral decay of our society is as bad at the top as the bottom.

Children of the City

Children of the City is a fascinating documentary film about juvenile delinquency made in Dundee in 1944. Although it doesn't deal with issues of race or the use of social networks it does however explore themes of inner city overcrowding, poverty, social justice and how best to help young men who have fallen off the mainstream educational pathway. It is a thought-provoking glimpse of life behind the rosy curtains of the Home Front and a prescient window on the educational challenges facing modern Britain.

Clip 1 outlines some of the factors behind juvenile delinquency.

Clip 2 demonstrates the workings of a juvenile court and its decision making process.

Clip 3 follows the involvement of educational psychologists, probation officers, Approved Schools and the lack of a father figure. All very familiar sounding isn't it?

Clip 4 explores the need for after school clubs and centres for young people and ponders what will happen if the youth don't have somewhere to go to let off steam.


5 films about juvenile delinquency: